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  • Moving Plasma/LED/LCD TV’s and Artwork

    With the advances in todays technology electronics have become lighter and more portable. However, being lighter and more portable also means that electronics have become more fragile and more susceptible to damage. New York City movers use special cardboard boxes to move todays TV’s and large monitors but if the

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  • How to choose a Manhattan storage facility?

    Choosing storage in Manhattan is not easy due to strict access hours, locations within Manhattan and the extortionate monthly charges. I’m going to give you a list of tips that will hopefully help you choose the right facility. 1. Check out the companies that offer the NYC storage. There are

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  • To Move or Not to Move, “which date” is the question!

    Moving on “Off Peak” days can save you money AND possibly get you better service from your moving company. During Peak days, (typically the first and last week of the month) is when moving companies are at their busiest. Most leases end at the end of the month and there

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  • What you need to know about moving across country or a long distance move!

    Moving Interstate requires extra wrapping protection and precision packing. When you move Interstate it is best to let the movers pack for you as each box must be packed to full capacity to keep the volume at a minimum and to enable proper precision packing of the truck. Every space

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  • What is the best time of year to move in NY?

    Unfortunately most NY residents planning to move within NYC or move from NYC, think that the best time to move is the summer! Well… it’s actually the busiest moving season and therefore the moving companies charge premium prices, overbook the amount of jobs they can handle in one day and

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