Moving Plasma/LED/LCD TV’s and Artwork

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Moving Plasma/LED/LCD TV’s and Artwork

With the advances in todays technology electronics have become lighter and more portable. However, being lighter and more portable also means that electronics have become more fragile and more susceptible to damage. New York City movers use special cardboard boxes to move todays TV’s and large monitors but if the TV is more than 40” wide a wooden crate may be required.


LED and LCD TV’s tend to be thinner and lighter than Plasma TV’s and therefore much easier to move when the dimensions are less than 48”.


Plasma TV’s are a tad trickier to move and require special handling due to the fact that they cannot be laid flat or tilted to an extreme. Plasma TV’s are heavier and require additional protection

The good news is, TV boxes will ensure that your TV’s will get from A to B in good condition. The bad news is, TV boxes are expensive to buy or rent and cost between $45 and $75 per TV. Wooden crates have to be custom made and can cost between $75 and $400.

At Irish Moving and Storage we do not apply charges for moving your TV’s. We have the necessary boxes and we include this service in your move. Our Movers and Packers are familiar with todays TV technology and will apply their knowledge and experience accordingly. However if your TV is 48” or more we may advise you that a wooden crate is required and we supply that at the price we pay to have the crate constructed.


Most New York City movers use picture boxes to pack artwork. This can prove to be expensive if you happen to have a lot of artwork. At Irish Moving & Storage we use special Picture Bins that have a cushioned base and dividers to separate the artwork. We can fit up to eight pictures into one picture bin thus saving you money while protecting the environment.

We wrap your oil paintings with Glassine Paper prior to insertion in the picture bin. Glassine paper is used in the art world to protect oil paintings from moisture and grease and while it is expensive, it is a necessity to protect your artwork. Make sure your mover provides this service when you are getting a quote.


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