To Move or Not to Move, “which date” is the question!

To Move or Not to Move, “which date” is the question!

Moving on “Off Peak” days can save you money AND possibly get you better service from your moving company. During Peak days, (typically the first and last week of the month) is when moving companies are at their busiest. Most leases end at the end of the month and there is always a scramble to get your move date secured within the peak period. Most moving companies (especially budget movers) will charge different rates for peak and off peak periods. The problems arise when they overbook the peak days and then show up late for the next move on the schedule. The movers are agitated and fatigued which can lead to breakages, injury and a not so cooperative crew. The customers tend to get very anxious and stressed as they are waiting around for the movers to arrive and panicking as they realize they are going to miss their allotted elevator time slot.

If you can convince your landlord or management company to let you move during the second and third weeks of the month, you’ll find that moving companies will be charging less on these days and the chances are they will actually show up on time.

So let’s start with the best day to move. By far the best day to move within NYC are Saturday and Sunday and there is a simple explanation for that. Most if not all Doorman buildings in New York City do not allow moving on the weekend which leaves the moving company with more availability than on an regular day. If you can move on a Sunday, because you live in a non doorman building, or your building management gives an exception, or if you move from a walkup to a house, you are at a great advantage because the moving company needs your business. Sometimes you may secure a better price. However, It should be noted though that reputable movers do not give discounts as each moving company has a published tariff and it is illegal to change the rates without permission from the NYDOT.

The peak dates are usually from the 24th of every month till the 3rd of the next month. In the middle of the month from the 13th through the 18th and of course Fridays are always considered to be busy days, regardless of the date.

Please read the guide “the best season to move” and demand the price and the service you deserve.

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