What is the best time of year to move in NY?

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What is the best time of year to move in NY?

Unfortunately most NY residents planning to move within NYC or move from NYC, think that the best time to move is the summer!

Well… it’s actually the busiest moving season and therefore the moving companies charge premium prices, overbook the amount of jobs they can handle in one day and you end up with movers arriving late, exhausted from the previous move and rushing your move to try and make the deadline at your new building. This is where the damage is caused and the tempers flare and the stress starts. Also, unless you have reserved your move months in advance you are unlikely to be able to get the date and the time slot you need to get out of and into your building in one day which also adds to the cost of your move. Unfortunately a lot of this is governed by the Real Estate market which tends to be busiest in the run up to the summer months and, school semesters.

Supply and Demand dictate the cost of moving and the availability of moving companies so therefore the Winter, Spring and Fall months are when the consumer can get the best deal for the buck. Low demand during these months causes the cost of moving to drop resulting in the moving companies fighting to get your hard earned money instead of being able to pick and choose the jobs they want. You can enjoy the high availability, and choose exactly which company you’d like to use, what date you need, and sometimes even the time of the day you would like your move to start.

If you have worries about inclement weather that might damage your belongings, or the movers driving under heavy weather conditions etc, this is totally understandable, BUT, and it’s a big but….. That’s why you hire professional movers with the proper equipment to protect you goods during bad weather!!

You can rest assured that everyone here at Irish Moving & Storage is highly experienced and very well trained to move under all kinds of weather conditions.

My 25 of experience and the training given to every mover is evident in every move we perform. So, consider your move well in advance and weigh your options and maybe an off peak season move could save you $!

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