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  • How do I pack a Dish Pack (China Box, China Barrel)?

    Of all the boxes you will pack, the dish pack is the most daunting by far.  The dish pack is the one box that people tend to avoid or pack improperly. The dish pack is different from all the other moving boxes: It is the largest regular box at 6.1

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  • How to pack a book box?

    Sounds simple – right?  Just throw a few books in a box, close it up and your done?  Well… that’s not the case. The book box is expected to be one of the heaviest boxes you will pack and can weigh anything from 40lbs – 65lbs depending on what type

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  • How to pack a Standing Wardrobe Box

    Standing wardrobes are used to ship clothes that hang on closet rails. Although quite cumbersome to tape up, they are taped just like any other box except you add some extra reinforcement by taping twice. Depending on the length of the garments you are hanging in the wardrobe, you can

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  • How to pack a Small Linen Box?

    The name “Small Linen” is something of a misnomer for this box as it is used to pack a plethora of different things. This box is the “general” box. You can pack many different things into it as long as they aren’t too heavy. As a guide, this box is

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  • How to pack a Medium/Large Linen Box (4.5 cf / 6.0 cf)

    The Medium Linen box is the one box where the packing rule of “Pack Small & Heavy, Large and Light” comes into effect the most. These boxes are designed for linen, towels, pillows, comforters and clothes only. They are large boxes and do the job they are supposed to do

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