How to pack a book box?

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How to pack a book box?

Sounds simple – right?  Just throw a few books in a box, close it up and your done?  Well… that’s not the case.

The book box is expected to be one of the heaviest boxes you will pack and can weigh anything from 40lbs – 65lbs depending on what type of books are packed into it.

So why is it so important to pack the box correctly? —The reason is simple.

When a book box is packed it must be packed completely full so that when the flaps are closed you cannot press down into the box.  If you can, you need to add some more books until the box is full and the sealed box is flush all the way across the top when you apply pressure.

The reason why the box must be packed completely full is; when the driver loads the truck he will stack the book boxes one on top of the other.  If there is space within the boxes they will collapse and fall on other boxes and furniture in the truck causing damage.  Don’t be alarmed at the weight of the box, it is expected to be heavy.

To pack:

  • Put the books into the box with the spine upwards.
  • Completely fill the entire width of the box.
  • When you shake the box there should be no movement within the box.
  • Next start placing books flat on top of the spines of the previously packed books.Do this until the books fill the box all the way to the top and make sure that the top of the box is completely flush.
  • If the top of the box is not flush, remove a book or two until it is.


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