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Local moving (within the NY, NJ, CT area’s) is our specialty. As a New York City moving company we are well versed in the requirements of Insurance companies, Building Management, the NY Department of Transport and of course, our clients.

New Yorkers are a fussy lot. They want to have their phone calls and emails answered, their Guaranteed Price Pledge quote sent promptly and they want a moving service that only NY movers can deliver.

Likewise, the Management of NYC buildings require that the insurance requirements (COI) are sent to them in a timely manner. They will not chase a moving company to send the Certificate of Insurance and thus if the Mover is not expeditious in delivering what is required, you will have a major problem on move day.

For this reason, NJ Moving companies and CT Moving companies find it hard to successfully do business in New York City. Everything in NYC is done within a New York Minute and moving is no different.

New York City moving is a unique service. Moving companies from other states do not wrap and protect in the manner that New Yorkers are accustomed to. Local moving within NY is a skill peculiar to NY moving companies. The attention to detail is just not found anywhere else in the world. Maybe it’s because of our litigious society or maybe it’s just because NY Movers are the very best movers in their field.

Having said all that, unfortunately not every mover from Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Long Island is reliable and trustworthy. Most local moves are charged by the hour with travel time added which leaves you wide open to the well know shenanigans of moving companies.

As most of you are aware, getting from A to B in NYC can take a serious amount of time due to regular traffic, Presidential and UN visits or heavy rain and snow. This is when your “Probable Cost”, vaguely worded “Binding Estimate” or so called “Flat Rate” bites you in the butt and your suspiciously low guesstimate turns into something resembling a phone number. If it says “Probable” “Estimate” or “Rate”, avoid it. A “Guaranteed Price” says it all and it means exactly what it says.

Whether you are searching for a Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island or NJ mover we cover it all and it’s all seen as a local move. That’s what we do and that’s where our experience in Local NY Moving stands out.

Get A Guaranteed Price Pledge for your Local NY, NJ, CT move and take the variables and the stress out of the equation.


Bob Stevenson
Irish Moving & Storage Llc.
“Guaranteed Prices that will MOVE you”No Blarney!”