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Moving Interstate is different than moving locally.

  • When moving to California or any other Interstate destination, your move must be based on weight, not volume.
  • If you receive a quote from a Long Distance mover which is is based on volume you can be 99% certain they will broker your job out to a 3rd Party.
  • You have no guaranteed delivery date, only a window for delivery.
  • You have no guarantee that the long distance mover that picked up your shipment is the same company that will deliver it (3rd party brokering).
  • You will almost always get a lowball guesstimate from long distance movers and the price will change on move day.
  • You usually always have a price discrepancy on delivery day because of “shuttle charges” to get into your neighborhood or the walk from the truck to your apartment door was too far resulting in a “long carry charge”.
  • Fuel supplement charge – this is one scam that is commonly used when they claim that the fuel price increased while on the way or that they had to make a major detour to get to you.
  • Delivery window – you will hear claims like “we’ll get you to Los Angeles, CA from New York in 5 days” but, in reality the delivery window for NY to LA moves is 10 – 14 days even with the major Van Lines.
  • If you have damage and you try to file an insurance claim against your long distance mover, who do you go after, the so called long distance mover or the 3rd Party that your job was brokered to? One will always blame the other and you are now in a gray area!

I could go on forever listing the smooth moves and the shenanigans of long distance movers but let me tell you why we at Irish Moving & Storage are different.

  • Just like our local moves, we Guarantee the price of our Long Distance Moving service.
  • We do not give you a delivery window, we Guarantee your delivery date. Typically, we can deliver in Los Angeles, CA in 6 days – Guaranteed!
  • We provide dedicated Long Distance Moves. In other words, we will pick up your stuff in NYC and drive straight to Los Angeles, CA or any point in between with no lag time.
  • We do not use tractor trailers so we can avoid shuttle fees.
  • We will never broker your job out to a 3rd Party. We will pick you up and we will drop you off.  Your goods stay on the same truck from NYC to your Long Distance destination.
  • We keep you posted of our progress along the way with real time updates.
  • We ask all the pertinent questions about your destination access prior to bidding on your job so we know that there will be no surprises.
  • When we encounter a surprise – we deal with it!
  • Moving from NY to another state is not an easy task and unlike a local move you must wait multiple days (sometimes weeks) to get your stuff. We simplify the process with our Dedicated Long Distance Moving Service.  We can get you from coast to coast in 6 days Guaranteed, no lag time, no sob stories and no shenanigans.

If you are moving from NY to Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego or any points in between, call Irish Moving & Storage to get your Dedicated Long Distance (Interstate) Guaranteed quote with no delivery spreads, no 3rd party brokering, shuttle charges…etc.

Our typical dedicated delivery times:

  • NYC to CA – 6 Days
  • NYC TO TX – 5 Days
  • NYC TO FL – 3 Days
  • NYC TO Chicago – 3 Days
  • NYC TO CO – 4/5 Days
  • NYC TO OR/WA – 7 Days

Irish Moving & Storage, Guaranteed Prices that will Move you – No Blarney!


Bob Stevenson
Irish Moving & Storage Llc.
“Guaranteed Prices that will MOVE you”No Blarney!”