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As New Yorkers we tend to accumulate a lot of surplus stuff that requires placement in Storage.

NYC Storage is expensive but nowhere more so than Manhattan.  Manhattan storage rates can be almost twice as expensive as storage in the other New York City boroughs.  There are a few things to take into consideration when choosing your Storage Unit in NYC.
  • How old is the NYC Storage building?
  • Does the storage have sprinklers/fire alarms and 24 hour security?
  • Does the storage facility have a commercial elevator?
  • Is the storage facility located close to a river or other flood zone?
  • Do you have 24 hour keyed access to your unit?
In addition to the questions above there are a few additional things to look for when choosing a storage unit in NYC.
  • Try to choose a room that is away from the building walls and windows (Condensation).
  • Do not accept a room that has over head air conditioning units or pipes.
  • Choose a room that is close to the elevator.
  • Choose a room on an upper floor, avoid ground floor storage.
  • Do not take a room that is located outside of the main facility building or in a yard (climate control).
After you have inspected the NYC storage facility you need to read all the fine print on your storage contract.  Ask all the pertinent questions about billing frequency, if the rates are pro rated and how much notice will you get in the event that the monthly rates are increased.
At Irish Moving & Storage we provide storage in brand new climate controlled, fire proofed facilities with commercial elevators and 24hr video surveillance.  Are NYC Storage facilities are located in Yonkers and Queens as opposed to Manhattan so we can pass the rental savings on to you.  Our NYC Storage facilities are clean, presentable and climate controlled to ensure safe keeping of your belongings.  So, if you are spring cleaning, clearing out the college kids bedrooms or just downsizing and you require NYC storage at competitive rates, call Irish Moving & Storage, Guaranteed prices that will MOVE you – No Blarney!
Bob Stevenson
Irish Moving & Storage Llc.
“Guaranteed Prices that will MOVE you”No Blarney!”